Recently there have been lots of change going on. Each person has to decide if these changes are for the good or the bad. Each person has various beliefs and values, and not every system works for every person. I have my own personal beliefs that I try to follow at all times; but it is difficult and sometimes I forget the importance of principle number 3.

  1. Treat everyone equally
  2. Try to improve the world for all
  3. Share the joy

“Sharing the joy” is a phrase I picked up over 20 years ago. When I picked up the phrase my friends were using the phrase both as a truth and as a sarcastic idiom. Everyone has to decide how they want to share, if they even want to share, in a sarcastic or a true method.

I have been forgetting to apply the principal in a true method for a couple of months. I figured it was time to remind myself to use it in a positive way and hopefully encourage you to do the same as well.

I have decided that for the next year I am going to undertake the act of helping share the joy of Music. Yes, capital M. My aim is to hopefully find Silence as a result of the work.

The Benevolent Misanthrope