Just a quick interjection into the US and those that follow the Judeo-Christian holidays. Please remember that the holidays can be a difficult time for some. Not everyone is having as nice of a time as others are. Not everyone has the same holiday joy. Some people are dealing with the economic realities of their situation and having to decide whether to pay bills or buy gifts. Other people are dealing with the first holiday after a loss in their world. Some are alone during the holidays.

Give a few minutes to think outside of your circle and see how you can give a gift to others. It does not necessarily have to be monetary. It could be as simple as the gift of conversation, just interacting with a person can be a gift. It could be giving to charity to help others.

Just take a moment to say thank you and to lend a hand to others. It is not a contest, it is just trying to make the world a better place for all.

The Benevolent Misanthrope
Reformatted December 24, 2020