Yes, it is October. In the United States it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everything becomes pink. It has turned into a huge marketing campaign not actually about the people and the disease. I am beginning to think that companies come up with ideas such as, “Let’s make all the widgets pink, sell them for an extra 10 cents and then give 5 cents to charity. Plus then we can advertise how much good we are doing and make more money.”

How about all the money on pink stuff and marketing pink stuff just be given to charity. Cancer sucks, all types of cancer sucks. Yes, awareness is good. Painting the picture that everything is going to be fine and one can help just by buying something that is pink makes it better is a bit insulting. People suffer with this disease, their friends and family are impacted by this disease

I am not buying anything that is pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (typically October). I am just giving money straight to charity.

The Benevolent Misanthrope
Updated December 24, 2020