There has been much talk in the media about mental health recently. While this discussion is a good thing in my opinion, I am a little disturbed by some statements I have heard. So allow me to make this abundantly clear, mental health is the same as physical health. If someone is diabetic, it could be as simple as their body does not produce enough insulin. (Yes, I am drastically oversimplifying.) If one has depression, it could be an issue with not having enough serotonin being produced in the body. (Yes, once again I am drastically oversimplifying.) However in the grand scheme of things these are the same problems. The body chemistry is not right. Both can be just as serious.

So that I am abundantly clear, making light of people struggling with mental health issues is just the same as making light of people who are suffering with a broken leg. It is an ailment that can be addressed and cared for.

The Benevolent Misanthrope
Reformatted December 24, 2020